Modular and customizable



Helping you to define your design objectives while taking into account your budget, time scale and target audience. The design brief is the reference document that brings together all the design objectives in terms of specifications of the new product.
The brief gathers subjective and objective criteria and can be seen as a dashboard to steer creativity. It also helps to verify, by successive loopbacks, the suitability of generated concepts with respect to the general and specific design objectives. Our team of professional designers will help you getting through this essential stage.


Creating the big picture and identifying problems to be solved. Assessing Functionality, usability architecture and style; giving shape to your idea. The use of proven methodologies in the realm of creativity such as mind mapping, brainstorming and lateral thinking helps us provide a better stimulus to the imagination.
At ONMOTIO, we are trained to assist you in the development of original ideas and in solving problems via a creative approach.


Bringing the idea to the next stage of development with cutting edge 3D design technologies. Starting from high level concepts, our team of designers will work down into the details as the project moves forward.
During this phase, special attention should be made to the design brief so that every detail is in total harmony with the original objectives and they can take their place organically in the product structure.


Bringing the concept to reality by creating a functional prototype, a mockup or a scaled model that will allow a real user experience and a design evaluation. Users feedbacks are essential to the success of a new product. The prototype is primarily a means of communication. This is the most effective vehicle to communicate your ideas to your clients, your team and the future users. Returns on user experience are used to validate the concept and some of its details before starting production.
We will help you design a static or a fully functional prototype depending on your needs.


Designing for manufacturability is our specialty.
We can help you assessing processes and fabrication methodologies as well. We will help you realize your project by assisting you in the creation of production processes but also in the design of production tools and assembly jigs.
You will also benefit from our experience in complex manufacturing environment and from our business partners to set-up an efficient and fully integrated line of production.


Our clients are unique and so are their needs. We understand that every design project brings new challenges and specific issues. Our team was formed and has the expertise to provide a tailored solution to any design and engineering problem.

Industrial Design

  • Conceptual design
  • Product design
  • Prototyping
  • Perceived quality
  • Co-branding
  • Visual communication


  • Single part design to complete work package
  • Aerodynamics
  • FEA
  • Product certification
  • Technology Integration
  • Technology readiness assessment

Manufacturing support

  • Tool design
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Assembly manuals
  • Manufacturing management
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