Design + Engineering

for personal transportation

ONMOTIO provides creative concepts and engineering solutions for the personal transportation industry, with a focus on designs able to move one to six people at a time. We truly believe that industrial design and engineering are inextricably linked and are essential when it comes to innovative personal transport in the 21st century.

Design philosophy

Design is not magic. It’s just a good recipe.


At ONMOTIO we recognize that the best people to evaluate a product are its users : the products must accommodate their behaviour, not the opposite. That is why they are integrated on the very early stages of the design and are taken into account throughout our iterative design process.


It’s the base of our design philosophy, we always rely on this wide field of knowledge to work on a project. We also strive to make no compromise between form and function, because that’s what modern transportation is made of, highly efficient product with a high perceived value.


By pushing the boundaries and destabilizing the established order it is possible to lead trends before they begin. At ONMOTIO, we see disruptive design as a holistic approach to complex creative problem solving. We use proven tools and techniques to generate the best ideas and produce innovative and realistic solutions.


Every project starts from a clean slate. Looking from outside the box, our team of designers will search for the concept that will create an iconic product and set a benchmark for others to follow. A concept that will place that dot on the scale of time.


We stand straight behind our ideas in terms of sustainability. We believe that every step of our design process must address natural resources, energy consumption and financial issues. Our products are designed taking into account their full life cycle, from sourcing to disposal.


Solutions must evolve with the realities of the time and with the problems they solve. Our modular design approach is well suited to support product evolution and allows us to design simpler and more efficiently. As we develop new products or life cycle extension strategies, we strive to do more with less.

“Passion is deeply rooted in everything we do at ONMOTIO. It drives us to move forward and to surpass ourselves. Our most important job is not only to design the best vehicle for the mission but also to cast pilots and heroes.”


Our Core values

Are what drive us to excellence.


We believe that our commitment to help our customers to succeed is the foundation of a long and lasting relationship. We are actively interested in providing our customers with solutions and exceptional cooperation experience


Creativity is central to everything we do. We keep a high level of curiosity and use all our senses to expand our knowledge. Our minds are given the right amount of time and energy to shake, combine thoughts and change perspective in order to generate, evaluate and develop breakthrough ideas.


We believe that individual strengths are highlighted by teamwork. Enjoying working together is what has united us !


Passion for technology and sleek designs stimulates our curiosity, creativity and versatility. Passion for mobility and transportation makes our job more than exciting. It pushes us to set ourselves high standards in design and relationships and connects all our values.


Our versatility allows us to break down the walls erected by certain paradigms and rapidly deploy competencies to integrate emerging technologies, so important to the development and the design of the next generation of personal transport vehicles.


We are driven by results… at all cost. But we understand that results are not all equal, our work is the subject of constant analysis so that we can deliver exactly what you hired us for.



  • Clément Simon
    Clément Simon INDUSTRIAL DESIGNER, M.Eng.

    Being innovative is a state of mind. I truly believe in culture enhancement to empower the mind. That’s why I try harder, everyday, to keep my mind wide open, to look after this exact design that will fit your needs. My motto? If it’s not perfect, then do it over again!

  • Izek Therrien
    Izek Therrien DESIGNER, B.Sc, B.Eng.

    My experience as a demo-pilot and airplane designer made me realize that my creative force is coming from my discontent in mainstream design. I believe that being in MOTION should bring EMOTIONS, and this is what leads me in designing !

  • Samy Libsig

    Part of a new species of “Industrial Design-fed” engineers, I thrive on a versatile skillset and multidisciplinary approach to fill the gap between the needs/wishes of end-users and the product materialization.

Strategic partners

We strive to develop strong and lasting relationships with our partners. We attach great importance to the mutual gains that such an alliance can bring. A partnership with ONMOTIO forms a new design space that allows us to push the boundaries of creativity and to break paradigms in place.

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