Eduardo Leardini, BEng (Br)

Eduardo Leardini, BEng (Br)

Head of Product Development

More than ten years of experience in Research and Development related to experimental aircraft and LSA, in several areas of aerospace industry.

About me

I acquired good knowledge in Aerospace Design working on the development of a Light Sport Aircraft design, being also responsible for the coordination and execution of structural tests, using the Whiffletree loading system.During 25 years I acquired solid experience in Rc model airplane Design and Building contributing to develop several handcraft skills, which I currently use in many prototype projects on Onmotio + Engineering.

Eduardo Leardini’s experience

  • ONMOTIO - Head of Product Development
  • ONMOTIO - Product Designer
  • Flyer Industria Aeronautica - Research and Development Analyst

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Eduardo Leardini, BEng (Br)

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